Friday, December 01, 2006

The Countdown Has Begun!!!!

Today is the first day of December. How many excited children are opening the first doors of their advent calendars this morning?
I loved the excitment of this everyday as a small child....
I am planning to write lists of everything I have to do & tackle them one by one. Each time I complete a task, I'm allowed a treat. these treats come in the shape & form of craft time or a new little something to cheer me up!!!!
A packet of eyelets or brads etc.. but they will be saved up in the form of points until next month as all available cash is going on gifts for family & very close friends.
Last year I made my sister an altered notebook for her wishes list.
We play a game. Each time we do something we get a weekly treat. These treats are usually small like (for me a small thorntons bag, as this is the only chocolate I like to eat. Its rich & I can't pig myself on it!!!) for my sis, its an eatra glass of wine.
If she missed a gym trip, she lost a treat.
At the very back of the book we have the list of goodies we want (mine had wierd things like Max Factor Lipfinity,Bazzill Cardstock, Patterned paper) sis has Prada, Chanel etc...... She doesn't do crafting sadly!!!!!
However, although you earn these treats weekly, you can't buy them weekly unless your week has been really crappy...... The list can be added to all year.
I make the tasks proper ones like tackling the spare bedroom. Or should I have called that the tip!!! Cleaning the bathroom top to bottom (meaning all the tiles floor to ceiling & taking EVERYTHING off the shelves!!!!!Not wiping round them as I do for laziness in the week.)

It is amazing how much I will do for a pack of brads, ribbon, buttons or eyelets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try it & see how you get on...


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! There are a couple of things I'll do for a packet of Thorntons as well!!! LOL

Love the game you play with your sister!!!

Jjke said...

hahaha!! can totally relate to this - I am a complete list maker too! Whatever I'm doing - it's listed and ticked off as I go... right now it's horrinbly boring stuff like clean the windows, declutter the bedroom, wash all the glass etc etc - but Christmas is coming and I always like to have it all done before the decorations go up - so off I go... gonna try the reward thing too! woo hoo!

jake said...

that was ME above btw... just who IS this jjke person anyway??? :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! I should do that too, maybe my house would get cleaned up faster.