Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Bloggers - UKS Prompt

posted by Scrappyfairy on UKS.

Christmas .... what is your earliest Christmas memories?What made Christmas for you as a child?If you could have anything for Christmas what would it be?
This is my very first blog prompt & I thought it might be a very good one to begin with...
My earliest Christmas Memories are way back when I was about 5 or 6. My mum was alive then & I always remember on Christmas Eve, my sister & I would make our requests. Tracy, would not go to bed unless she was wearing her red pyjamas. Her theory was that Santa wouldn't know her if she wasn't wearing red. I remember that above all else.
For me, what made the Christmas was getting Noddy Fuzzy Felts & Topsy & Tim pop up books.
A big 30 pack of felt tip pens & a few Ladybird books just about topped it off & I was in heaven the rest of the year. Then going to Grandma's for lunch..we loved Grandma, dad's mum.
Now, for this last question, I'm not sure if it means now or then.
So I will answer it as both....
All I ever wanted for Christmas as a child & never got, was an Etch a sketch. I was mesmerised by them. We got Spirographs & they were cool, but not quite the same.
As for now, I can only hope for health & happiness, yes definately these two.


scrapdolly said...

Love those memories - especially the red PJ's and I love the Christmas music

Claire said...

Great memories! I'm loving the music!
I was one of the luccky few to receive an etchasketch (:)) and I think the expectation far outweighs the reality :) I couldn't draw anything cool on it, or even make something look like what it was supposed to be !