Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Temptation..

Oh ladies, I have dashed home for lunch & the latest issue of Papercraft Inspirations has landed on my doorstep!!!! (Xmas 2006)
I have subscriptions for this & Scrapbook Inspirations.
My big sis pays for Papercraft Ins as a birthday subs gift & is getting me Creative Scrapbooking for Xmas, as last year we got Scrapbook Magic & they stopped printing it!!!!!!!!
I pay for Scrapbook Inspirations as a gift to myself & each month I look at all the rest & if I like anything I pick it up...
This issue of Papercraft looks good it features quite a few designs from our very own Jo Kill from Daring Cardmakers...she has a unique style that I can spot straight away. But Im saving it to look at properly with a big mug of tea later!!!

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Kathy said...

Just in case you need a little more Mag-tempatation - take a look at this one from the US

I'm only hoping that some kind person will renew my sub at Christmad, or I'll have to do it myself - it's a fab mag!