Monday, November 27, 2006

One of Three Xmas Projects

This is a card I made yesterday while waiting for my Christmas Decoration to dry. I'm hoping to get it finished & photos later on. The light isn't very good & doesn't show this card at its best.
I made it using snowflake background paper & then used some snowflake shapes which I bought from the lovely Debbie from daring cardmakers. She sells bits & pieces on Ebay, you should go over to her blog & take a look at the link she has there.You'll find her in my side bar or on the cardmakers blog.

The fun part of this card was the painting & glittering.
I bought white & pink snowflakes, but decided I wanted pale blue. So, out came the light blue & white acrylic paints (I used DecoArt sky blue for this mixed with some Anita's white to get the shade I wanted.) While the paint was wet I sprinkled very fine silver glitter on them & then painted a strip of white card in the same way.
Once dry, which doesn't take long, I glued the snowflakes along the piece of blue card which was attached to the card using foam pads to lift it off the background a little.
I love getting my fingers dirty painting bits & pieces so this is a fun card which you mum's could do with your kids.
I did also manage to get a gift bag done, again photos later on light permitting. (It is very dingy here today) It isn't actually a bag, I decided to go for more of a sleeve. You often buy books in sets & you get 5 or more all housed in a sort of libary, I think they call them. Well I have made something on those lines to slip wrapped DVD's into. I will be making mini bags for gift vouchers later.
Its a trip to the dentist today for a check up & clean so the credit card will be taking a bashing, the prices they charge are plain ridiculous......Not a fun way to spend a day off but our company frown on appointments made in work time!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the card, can't wait to see the christmas decorations ... ugh, the dentist on your day off? I hope you pampered yourself afterwards Paula!!! ;-)

Jo said...

Hi Paula, gorgeous card, the snowlakes look so beautiful.. Hope the Dentist is not too bad...#
Just catching up with blogs - I'm sorry about the ruined weekend, hope this week is much better for you

Jo xx