Friday, November 17, 2006

Ribbon for Men DCM no.5

Can you believe it we are on to dare 5 already!!!! (7 if you count the little extras!)
Here is my offering. The design brief was to make any occasion card for a man & it had to have a piece of ribbon on it. Mine was sketched two days ago, it is a card for a friends' fiance. I almost forgot his birthday.
This card is made using brown parcel wrapping, a photocopied map of an area I love in the Lake District, Potter Tarn, Troutbeck, Ambleside (not the other Troutbeck higher up). The tags are from a card kit & I think it was Sarah Lugg. They are threaded onto deep chocolate brown ribbon down the side of the card.
Thought for a while there I would have to make a card for my imaginary boyfriend, though it will be Spencer Bear's birthday in a few weeks!!!!

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Kathy said...

Oh I like that one Paula!

I think, that as you're so good at this I might issue you with a secondary dare - a Man's card with PPPPPINK ribbon on it!

There you go - that's something for the weekend :-)

Lythan said...

I hope this dare was gentle enough for your shattered nerves! All the trauma hasn't affected your card making - it is a fine one this week

Anonymous said...

Love your card Paula well done.

Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

Great card Paula, I love the rusticy (if that's a word) feel of brown ribbed paper or card, yumm! Rhi x

severine said...

good job Paula !!
this card is splendid !!!
and you work so quickly !!!

Saffa said...

Excellebt card paula..the kind I should send to my OH he is not too good with maps and directions!!

You have been busy!

Well done and thanks again for being syuch a fab participant!

And thanks for popping by my blog

Gillian Hamilton said...

Love this one!!!
Paula, it's very nice... I love the little tags.