Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grinch no more! Technique for Nov no. 5

Well girls I had a flash of inspiration last night....
For my next technique I wanted to use dry embossing as a change from heat. I do love heat embossing & will be making more cards featuring it, but I actually made a Crissy card!!!!!
It took a total of 10 minutes to emboss the small red squares & I actually enjoy the simplicity of it. Who knows I might just make another tonight!!!! However, my day's holiday is over (until next Monday...)so it's back to work I go today.....

I know that I've posted two cards in two days but really the triple embossed one yesterday should have been Saturday's technique. Never mind I might run out of time in the week & not get one made & I did promise myself a card every other day..

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Kathy said...

This is a lovely card Paula. The simplicity makes a very stylish card - and one that would probably be good for making lots of!

I've got one of those Shapeboss things, but it's sooo big and the space on my desk is sooooo small - I should have got the cardboss instead!

Saffa said...

Aww thanks for poping by! She did like them, although I dont think 87 year old women always get papercrfats lol!

I love this card by the way the colour is gorgeous!!!!


Anonymous said...

OOOOh, I love this one ... I also enjoy embossing both dry and heated ... haven't got them out in a while though ... can I scraplift this card? Please??? :)