Friday, November 03, 2006

New Card Dare up & A Bear Story

Yes girls, the new card dare is up over at Daring Cardmakers, check it out!!!
It is called A Stitch in Time, & has been brought to us by Kathy.
We are challenged to make any type of card but it must contain real sewing!!!!
That's hand or machine stitched, no drawn on ones allowed....
She also wants to see us get creative with our sewing box & see what else we can do to match the sewing...
Haberdashery is me.....I adore buttons, ribbons, lace & can't wait to get started.....How excited am I??? (yes, I know what you are all thinking, that girl don't get out!) Well I've fulfilled my wildest dream, I captured the castle!!! That's quite a lot of adventure for little ole me.. Incidentally, I have read the novel "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith & it was a truly delicious read for those book lovers amongst us. My other passion is books, I can get lost in the pages. I owe my love of books to my dear mum, who bought us them even before we could actually read them. I believe there is no gift greater than learning, so Mum, if you are looking down on me, I hope I am doing okay.

Now as the other part of my title says, a bear story....
Well you probably remember my Spencer bear story in my posts in October (Sunday 22nd & the picture of him at the castle on Friday 27th)
Well my story inspired Lorilee to tell her own bear story. She can be found in my side bar under Places I love to drop by... It is such a sweet story, pop over & have a read. Perhaps it will inspire more of you to tell your bear stories...
I'm a softie & I love my bear!!
(Lorilee does some rather wonderful digital layouts too)

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