Thursday, November 02, 2006

Work 'n' stuff!

Work was such a drag yesterday. Our department is completely web based & our web designers were doing some very much needed additions to our admin site.
That meant we couldn't access it for most of the day..Well it turned out to be the whole day.
At first I eagerly drew up lists of things I could do then realised no, I couldn't actually do them as I couldn't access the client records to proceed.
Eventually I gave up & surfed the net. Now we ain't meant to do this but originally we thought it would be for an hour!! I nipped along to a few blogs I had address's for & read them. Then I got bored as one!!!
After filing my nails, taking an incredibly long time to walk upstairs to the ladies & making a drink, I hit upon the idea of doodling!!!
Well the doodles turned into ideas & the ideas into sketches. By lunchtime I was the proud owner of 10 card designs!!!! Yeah!! I was so excited you wouldn't believe. After months of nothing in my head in pops 10. I put it dow to the cardmaker's dares site for inspiring me to get going again...
Last night I eagerly set about the first one & was so disappointed......

I just couldn't get my triple embossing to work. I've never done it before & despite following the instructions found in every copy of the Do Crafts mags, it didn't turn out. I was using copper powder & it seemed to heat lovely but the second & third layers didn't want to stick. My chosen stamp was one of the un-mounted rubber ones, but not a clear one & I don't think I held it down long enough.... Anyone got any tips for me, PLEASE??????


Kathy said...

No good asking me, I've never got the hang of it either, sorry

Anonymous said...

Rhi's your lady for tips on embossing Paula - she gave me a great demo.