Monday, November 20, 2006

Cactus in flower

This is my Christmas Cactus just coming into bloom.
It will only live happily on the edge of my dressing table in my bedroom. (well its a desk actually from Argos but does the same job!)

Go to this blog if you get chance today & read the post called "Trip down Memory Lane".
Read the comments & leave your own.
I got thinking about this, "What inspired me to take up Scrapbooking?"
Well as you know I am a cardmaker & I extended my cards to mini books. I bought a few mags to get ideas & two womens work inspired me. Karen Leahy & Jakey Walker.
Both ladies have completely different styles but elements from both were very me. Seeing their work made me want to get started ,but I couldn't think of a thing to scrap!
Then, Paula Sealey set the weekly top 5 challenges & I was hooked. I've now got myself a full BOM & still have many more pages to create so it's a good job I got me another album!!!
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Paula said...

And there's a new BOM challenge coming in the New Year, so stay tuned:)

Anonymous said...

We had a lovely one of those at work... then we got a male administrator - gonna miss that cheerful little plant this year!

jk xxxx