Wednesday, November 01, 2006

1st technique for November

Card number 1 is heat embossing using silver powder & a floral bouquet rubber stamp (design from a pack of 12 from Lakeland Limited)
I know it is early & I cheated by making it last night but I did want one ready to post today & by the time I get home from work at 3.30p.m, it is often quite dull & my camera is having a "don't do dull day's" moment!!! I think it is sulking for the hammering it got at the!
The card is heat embossed. I am, however, very critical of the finished article. It has not come out how I planned on the sketch & the reason is I had the outline pink lines further into the card & I put them up too close to the edge. I also think the pink patterned paper is cut too large & I forgot to round the corners, (paper from my paper pizazz wedding papers book. My sister's wedding is ivory so I planned to use the pinks for cards... ) Looking at it, the plaque that the flowers are embossed on doesn't look like a plaque at all it looks like I cut a window out so there's another design idea for me to play around with.. I would also comment that the ribbon could maybe have done to be a touch longer but it is passable & I'm sure someone will buy it for a friend or relatives birthday. I might just have to go make the new improved model later today!!!!
Edit to this post: I wanted silver lines rather than pink around the outside of the card & was too lazy to stick outline stickers down the side. Mental note, get another silver pen bought as the two I had are both dried up!!!

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