Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Morning

I woke to a better day!
No more damage done in the night, at least not this end of the street.
I'm glad I stayed home just to be sure. I was so jumpy, I got precious little done, but I have got the backbone made of my crimble decoration. I have chosen my images & all that is left is to decorate it. The easy part!!!!
Below is a photo I took at my dad's several months ago. Although it was summer, I think this looks a very autumnal picture.
I added a soft focus to make it look more delicate. Something pretty to brighten my blog post

This morning I am going crimble shopping. Need to go to Boots & get a few bits for Martin, bro in law. I think I also need wrapping paper.... Going to get wrapped the few things I have already bought just to make me feel
I'm going to have a bash at making gift bags...ha ha ha watch this be a bad idea.....

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Gillian Hamilton said...

So glad things have settled down for you.. This is a beautiful photo, love the soft filter on it.
TTFN Gillian :o)

Kathy said...

Oh what a horrible couple of days you've had, I'd have been a nervouse wreck. The police are just unbelievable - all they seem to care about is getting more speed cameras put up - well it's a helluva lot easier than catching villains and thugs isn't it?

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo Paula, it's really pretty.

Hope you have a great day shopping & good luck making your home made gift bags.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo Paula ... I'm sure your gift bags will be fine ... sorry to read about the vandalism in your neighbourhood ... wow the police there really act fast eh?


*the altered CD queen!* LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you for commenting on my post Testing "Blog this" from Picasa to a Blogger Beta blog. I have responded to your comment.

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