Monday, August 28, 2006

Slightly Disappointed

Now it is gone teatime & I haven't made a great deal of progress.
I have got a few ideas together for the altered clipboard but the New Baby mini book is still very much at the "decide on papers"stage. Call me old fashioned but the baby isn't born yet & although I'm assured it is a boy, I am superstitious & don't want to lean too far towards blue!
I did however get my top 5 challenge uploaded & I'm quite chuffed that I got it completed so soon.
Having read the blog of Just Jake, I was racking my brains all afternoon to do something for the Music challenge she has set (if you want a look pop to the link down my side-bar)I could think of the pictures but the design eluded me. I could really do with a book of sketches...
I am new so I guess once I get going it will come to me. I wondered whether to try 8"x8" format as I can work 6"sq really easy. I wanted to use the baby House Martins as the pictures for "World of Troubles" part of the lyrics she has chosen but nothing is working in my head....
So instead guess what I did...The ironing!!! Well it saves me standing at 6am tomorrow & trying to stop the stupid iron dripping water everywhere despite all assurances that it is a Non-drip iron!

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