Saturday, January 06, 2007

Day 6 brought problems

The stupid internet won't stay on!!!

Never mind, Pixie got quite a bit done today. Boring stuff to begin such as weekly shopping & cleaning. Washing & similar things. Then Pixie dashed out for a supply of glue pens & some MM paper Boho Chic Olivia fell into her basket..hehehehe...

A few other pretty bits did too, but Pixie was very careful not to overspend as she was on a strick budget mission!! Annother star book has to be made at the end of this month & supplies of cardstock needed getting in specifically for it. It is to be another pink one but instead of pink/choc,this one is to be pink/lilac.

Pixie needed the Olivia papers for a design coming up & she also bought a pack of 50 blank cards & envelopes as they were on special offer. she is trying to make a basket full of cards to take into the office as staff are always looking for cards when she least has some!!!

The Ali Edward's HAPPY layout is completed & will be uploaded on Monday.

Now pixie has the BOM challenge to do, set by the wonderful Paula Sealey.

The House challenge over on UKS is still in sketch form & pixie is not committing to it until she is certain. And, gosh there will be another UKS weekly challenge on Monday!!!!!!

It's all go!!!!


Lynne.x said...

Paula you are a busy little Pixie .... I've got my 'to do' list bust that is about as far as I've go this weekend .... :( Think I've lost my Mojo :(

Megan said...

Great to see you are getting so much done Paula! Wish you could come to MY house!

Megan xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh what a busy little pixie... you have been... sounds like a lovely shopping trip, bought some delish PP... Can't wait to see the 'HAPPY' LO.. :o)

jake said...

I been doing the rounds missy and it seems YOU are nearly as responsible for people taking up Ali E's challenge as SHE is! Lol!

Never stop inspiring us li'l pixie!
jk x