Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quick "Happy" Update!

This post is edited at the bottom!!
Last night & first thing today, has seen me struggling with my word.
Happy is not how I'm feeling right now. I have gone & misplaced my debit card. I tipped the flat upside down last night several times. I haven't used it since a week ago & my bank is still full (ha ha ha , that's funny) so it isn't stolen. I jsut can't recall where I last saw it.
Yup, I've gone & done it again, Jakey!!!
So as you can guess no grocery shopping happened last night. Today I have to go over to the hairdressers & it will be lunchtime before I get back.
I can see I will not be getting my gorgeous day of crafting while watching more Prison Break, with the delicious young man, Wentworth Miller to make me happy!!
I'm playing some music I love in the hope I won't wobble & give up, but I really want you to send me some vibes to help me remember where I put it!!!
Is this what turning 40 does!!!!!! Crikey it isn't March yet!!!!!
My Dad will be reading this later & killing himself laughing, won't you Dad!!!

This edit is the email I sent my dear friend Joy.
I gave up searching for the stupid debit card & rang Barclays to cancel it. The card had already been blocked. It was found in Sainsburys’ last Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no recollection of leaving the store without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow it was reported found & blocked. Nothing has been taken from the account & I have to go into Barclays on Monday & request a new one as I need identification for another one.
So food has got to go on the already stretched credit card as I will be card-less for a week & the bank is shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloody marvellous!!!!!!!!
I really am losing the plot!!!


Brigitta said...

Brace yourself Paula, the memory will only get worse hahaha, and I have no suggestions, but I'm sure it will turn up again ;-)

Lynne.x said...

It will turn up - probably as soon as you come off the phone to the bank to get it cancelled and order a new one ......... can you tell I'm talking from experiance .... 8D

Kathy said...

Lynne - that's exactly what happened to me! About an hour after I rasng the bank I unearthed my missing debit card - under a stack of craft sy=tuff on my desk of course (ooops). The worst bit was the knowing look I got from hubby when I admitted it!

A Few Reasons to be cheerful:
It's Saturday
The wind has dropped at last
You've got all these fab cybermates who come to visit everyday - You're just Ms Popularity really!

jake said...

What are you like, Missy..... You're worse than ME!

And yes.. the memory will only get worse. I am a confuddled old woman these dats :-)

jk xxx

jake said...

days even.....

Vee said...

oooohhh that is soo frustrating - I am always losing mine - talk about panic - its like losing my right arm lol. I can't buy stash, no troll beads, no food ( notice the order of priorities lol

Vicki xx

Sprogpaws said...

Eek, what a nightmare! At least your account wasn't raided or anything, it's just a pain in the proverbial having to wait for it all to get sorted.

What really surprised me was that the bank hadn't got in touch with you to say that your card had been reported found and hadn't thought to mention it until you contacted them!

Eleni said...

Oh my!! My worst nightmare ... and I've had my card stolen once, lost and found once ... but had already cancelled it!!! LOL So I know how you are feeling!!!

Enjoy the DVDs and try to sit down and scrap a bit!

Rhi said...

Something to be happy about, someone obviously handed your card in so it couldn't be used by a thief, there are lovely people out there in the world :)

I loose things all the time too. One morning I got a knock on the door really early, so I jumped out of bed, and I'd left the keys on the outside of the front door, with the car sitting right across its not the best idea!

Hope you're feeling a bit happier soon xx