Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Technical Hitches & Problem with Happy!!!

Yes ladies, Happy is having a problem this week as Pixie's boiler has broken & she's got no central heating or hot water!!! The problem began on Friday night, typical, the landlord had gone & would not be back until Monday 9am, when I am already at work.
When I get home for lunch, the shop is closed for lunch!!!!!!!!
At 5pm last night the stupid thing refused to light at all. I have had problems all weekend keeping it lit & have had to reset it every half hour. I couldn't get a full bath on Sunday as it went out while I was running it & my hair didn't get washed properly.
So now it is freezing cold & I am trying to think HAPPY thoughts until a service engineer can be located. Which is no easy task, given the number of sharks we have called out to this property.
Seriously, I've had so many cowboys I could open a ranch!!!!!

As for technical problems, I had an arguement with my sewing machine last night!
I am almost finished with this weeks UKS challenge & just require the stitching to be done.
Said machine decides it won't do zig zag stitch. So Pixie thought, there's nowt wrong with straight stitch we'll have that instead....... huh! Stupid needle bent & after searching fruitlessly, Pixie decides perhaps she'd best dig out the mini machine instead!!
I got this free with a magazine subscription & it doesn't do zig zag stitch. Anyhow, the power supply & foot pedal can't be located so said page is still awaiting stitching at some point TODAY!!!

Don't you just hate having half done stuff hanging around?
Perhap Pixie better stop tidying up because everytime she does, she can't find anything!!


Maisymary's Findings said...

Hmmm I remember one ot two days in London as a tourist aoens ago when I had no heating nor hot water ! urrgggh !

OOoo warm cyber ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) for the Pixie !

& too many cowboys have come round that you can open a ranch ! ( hmmm thats giving different peeps diff ideas I would think ! lol ) hee haw !

hang in there grrl ! Because you're worth it ! lol !

Latharia said...

I know what you mean about the half-done stuff ... it also drives me slightly batty. But it applies pressure for me to get GET MOVING, so that is helpful! LOL!