Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The time has come.... I Have To Confess

Thank You so much, Shimelle! I had such fun putting this little book together.
I remembered things I had almost forgotten.
Each image is reasonably easy to read but clicking on them does enable you to read the journalling.
Blogger wouldn't let me post them all together so I had to create two posts.
I shall be making a similar book another time as it was really quick to do & thoroughly enjoyable.

Back cover (pink)
Front cover shot of me in a kind of thoughtful mood with transparency to keep it protected (but which smudges really easy!!!)



Debbie said...

Paula your "I have to confess" book looks fabulous. I have just one question ... does your desk always looks so neat? Me being on the computer requires shifting piles of papers/inks/embeliies/etc from one side to the other

Vee said...

Paula I love your I confess book - looks really good - I might try that digitally and see how I get on(when I get the time lol) xx

Megan said...

Wow oh wow Paula - this is sooooo cool. I love your little book!

Megan xx

Eleni said...

Wowza ... great work ... I'm pressing on each picture to get a good look at it ... I love the crazy cow!!! LOL :D

So, shall I let you know the moment that Shimelle announces her next class??? ;-)

Maisymary's Findings said...

coolies Paula , you really rawked this mini book grrl ! Love the quirks ! hey hey I have my Josh Groban You have your Wentworth - very cute indeed ! lol - Thanks much for the inspiration ! Must get mine done ! Somehow ! Sooon ! lol

No backing down ! lol