Friday, January 19, 2007

Not so Good end to Friday.

I got home in pain & thought a bath would do the trick. For three hours I have struggled to keep the internet on but can't send or recieve emails!!!
So, I gave up & went to bed, but the pain in my back has driven me up again.
I never got my card for the dare done & have yet to really do much with my confession.....
My back has been bad for a while now & I mostly manage to bear it, but today has been damn right awful. I feel very sorry for myself as sitting or laying down makes no difference.
For many years I was a Contract Cleaner & I have caused damage to my lower vertebrae. They are fusing together & I need to start regular visits to the Chiropractic, but these cost a lot of money & that is something I don't have a great deal of right now.
To make me happy, I am going to down a nice tot of Baileys & see if that can't rock me to sleep. I woke at 4a.m & am so tired & grouchy now !!!!
I have to start thinking of my craft essentials list for the latest Aezine challenge. I'll try counting sheets of card instead of sheep!!!


Gillian Hamilton said...

I hope you're feeling Better Paula.. It is down right miserable to have back ache..
your a bit cute tho counting sheets of card.. :o)
In answer to your question, no I haven't been able to track down adhesive vellum, I don't think it exists in Aus..Maybe I need to ask for them to get some in,It looks so handy the way you use it..

Megan said...

Paula back ache is just so miserable...I hope the Baileys did the trick. And remember, if in doubt, have another little sip!

Megan xx

Eleni said...

Sorry to hear about your back ... hope the Bailey's did the trick!

Lythan said...

Oh how awful for you - get well soon Paula!

jake said...

Aw.... hope all is well now. I'm behind with everything to babes. Just chill... we'll get there.
jk x

CarolineO said...

My sympathies on the back ache, Paula, Love your coonfession book above.