Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday blog Prompt

Ok.. So... Who's layouts made you "stop and go wow!" in 2006.. We have all spent time reflecting on what experiences we have been through in 2006 - but what helped shape you as a scrapper? We all look at other peoples work and see ideas that we think" gosh.. I HAVE to try that like now! but we don't always give credit to the creators, or those who inspire us.. If you had to complie a list of top 5 Layouts of 2006... would the all be from diff people? or would they be one or two designers?
If I were to compile my top 5 list of layouts, my answers will come as no surprise to some that;
No. 1, Scrapdolly (aka Karen Leahy)/ Jakey (aka Jake Walker)
These two women would share the top spot as they are both totally awesome!!!
No.2 , Carole Janson, this lady does the most amazing things in 3D!! I feel excited when I see her creations.
No.3 , Patterned Paper Princess (aka Paula Sealey), this woman has shown me some amazing things about myself in 2006 & it is down to her that I have one full BOM & am starting another.
she works on American A4, 81/2 x 11 & they are really cool pages.
No.4, Eleni, my dear friend the altered CD Queen. Her xmas journal has left me speechless.
I am so looking forward to seeing more of her work in 2007, as I feel she is evolving as she goes along & developing her very own style.
No.5, is Clare Brown, as some of her pieces really made me wish I could do better.
However, thinking more about this, there are many people that have made me stop & go wow quite a few times. Just looking in the galleries on UKS leaves me breathless & I try to leave comments where ever time allows.
My very own team mate Rachel Millington (Taniwha) has made some incredible stuff & I am in awe of her. I hope she can pass on many great tips in the months to come as I would love to produce stuff like she does.....
Yes, I think there are some fabby people out there all doing there own thing & doing it well.
I personally am learning to use my own style, but the influences of these people & the likes of Ali Edwards, Elsie Flannigan, Jane Dean, Debbie Jewell, give me insight into what is possible.
I am feeling far more comfortable as a scrapper & am learning to make things the way I want & not how I think they should look.


Eleni said...

Oh wow Paula ... you made me go all mushy inside!!! My honour to be included in your list. Thank you! Is your internet working fine now?

Gillian Hamilton said...

What a gorgeous post, yet again...
I loved your last two lines, the most... how wonderful to feel that way about your creations, WTG Paula...