Saturday, January 27, 2007

Art Journal Challenge

Over on the UKS forum, I came across this thread about a Art Journal Challenge.
It is running for 52 weeks & there is a weekly prompt over on this blog.
I decided like many others, to use a pack of playing cards rather like ATC's.
They will build up each week into a tiny journal all about me!!!
So although I am behind, I have got the first two made & the 3rd is on its way.

Week 1, What Am I Proud of?

This photo is of my father's parents, George & Flossie Burt.
I am very proud of my grandparents. They worked vey hard all their lives.
Grandma ran Burt's sweetshop, which I hope to get a photo of some day.
Grandad worked his father's farm. My father in turn also worked the farm for
10 years after Grandad's death in 1977. My Grandmother also worked at Byfords,
as a seamstress. It later became Corahs.
I did a stint in a factory working for Warner's Lingerie, which was a far cry from
the hard work my Grandma would have had to do.

Week 2, What is Powerful To Me?

Music....... I just couldn't imagine ever having to live without it.
I find it brings so many emotions to you that you can easily fall out
of touch with.

Below is my very first ATC, which was given to me by my friend, Cath.
She makes wonderful ones & if you haven't already taken a look, her link is in my
sidebar under Cats ATC's.
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scrapdolly said...

Gorgeous work = really lovely

valerie said...

love the cards paula, i have to say that since i have decided that my scrapping and crafting is just for me I have had much more fun doing it

Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by i totally agree I love these things I also love looking at everyones blog that is doing the cards! Love it! Totally cool that you are from the U.K. I was born in Scotland!!
Have a great day, hope to hear from you again!


Latharia said...

Just lovely ATCs and miniature art! :)

Debbie said...

Oh I love these Paula .. and especially the stories behind them.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Really love your heritage card Paula.. Just beautiful...

Di said...

Great cards, particularly love the heritage one.