Tuesday, January 16, 2007

DCM mid week Extra - Imagine

Here is my offering. It is for a work colleague's 60th birthday this coming Friday.
I have made this card for all the staff to sign.
Unfortunately the picture isn't too clear but it will be going with me to work at 7.30am so it is the best I can do.
I used purple papers by HOTP. Tags cut from purple card.
Fibres are a ball of wool.
Quotes printed onto self adhesive vellum.
Vellum torn envelope on the front is held on with large purple MM eyelets.

The quote, in case it really isn't clear;
Imagine .
No matter what we have come through. How many perils we have safely passed, or how imperfect & jagged our life has been. We cannot in our heart of hearts imagine how it could have been different. As we look back on it, it slips in behind us in orderly array, & with all its mistakes, acquires a sort of eternal fitness, & even at times of poetic glamour. Randolph Silliman Bourne.

The quote on the tag is, Each birthday is a new beginning, full of promise, opportunity & the chance to make dreams come true.
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Lythan said...

What a wonderful quote and a wonderful card

Jo said...

Beautiful card, and such beautiful quote, that lilac, or is it purple - I can never decide! looks yummy

jo xx

Debbie said...

Paula - lovely card and the quote is just wonderful :-)


Gillian Hamilton said...

Paula this is such a pretty card.. I'm sure it will delight :o)

Concetta said...

Lovely card and beautiful quote, Paula. I think your quote beautifully sums up so much of what I try to write about. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs - Concetta

Jane said...

lovely, love the colours, well done Paula ! gorgeous card

Susan said...

You have been busy since I last visited your blog, Paula! I like all the things you are doing about being 'happy'. This card is very special though - full of meaning and thoughtfulness. I love it.

Maisymary's Findings said...

Yes a very thoughtful card indeed Paula - love the quote & the sentiment ! & as they would say on Project Runway - your card colour is so fashion forward - lavender's the colour for 2007 apparently ! lol

Kathy said...

It's lovely, Paula. Such a lovely quote, perfect for a special birthday card. I love the way you've done the tag too