Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Yes, another of my team mates on UKS is having her birthday today.
Hope you have a fabulous day, Hun.
I haven't much to blog about right now as I have had another violent headache & can't concentrate on crafting. I have shed loads of housework to do & that has to come first before any of the fab projects I have got lined up for this weekend. she says as the clock is already passed 1pm!!!! I have had a quick music change, Muse, "Hysteria", one of my favourite tracks from the Absolution album. Still can't find the My Chemical Romance track that will actually PLAY!!!
I'll leave you with this pretty picture that my friend Joy emailed me. How delicate are these butterflies!!!
However, the orange page for the New Year photo swop is coming on really well & I am beginning to feel panic over having to part with it!!!!


Scripture by Design said...

Love this, so simple and yet so delicate and intricate!!

Butterfly said...

Oh , you have chosen the right music for your blog!:-) And this butterflys are beautiful, I never so this kind of transparent wings. Thanks for always finding time to visit and comment on my blog.