Wednesday, January 03, 2007

day three of the year..

brings fun & games!!!(& food)
Pixie woke up late today & was quite a moody pixie until the postman brought her a parcel!!
She almost forgot the present she had bought herself for Christmas as she had been such a good pixie all year.
She bought herself some fabulous pink doodlebug blooms, which she has longed for since they came out. She also got a tiny alphabet from Queen & Co in a rather natty little bag & a book by Elsie Flannigan, 25 Scrapbook Challenges!!!
Pixie saw this book some time ago & thought it might go hand in hand with the fabby Ali Edwards book, Tracy bought her for crimble!
There are challenges on the UKS site following this book, so pixie got really excited about seeing the book.
Tonight, there is precious little on TV, so pixie will be found on her toadstool avidly reading the delights of the fabby Elsie.
So, watch this space as something will be getting created very soon.............
Pixie also got a surprise today when her friend told her she was being taken out to lunch. Her friend had been having a rough morning & needed to let off steam. So the chinese we went, yum yum!
Pixie starts her diet next week....


Gillian Hamilton said...

What a lucky little Pixie, she must have been very, very Good....

Lynne.x said...

Pixie had been such a good Pixie, that Lynne felt the gifts were well deserved.

She hoped that Pixie would enjoy Elsie's book, and wondered where she could get her hands on a copy of Ali's book?

Lynne will be joining the good Pixie next week by starting her diet.

Tracey said...

Are you on polystyrene again Paula?

Happy New Year and heres to a healthy, wealthy and of course crafty 2007!

Oh, and sooo glad you like the new look website. Ta chuck!