Monday, January 22, 2007

Aezine Challenge

The Aezine challenge set on Wednesday was to consider your absolute essentials.
If you had to throw away all your craft bits what would you choose to keep!!
God forbid this would ever be asked of us!!
I gave it some though & here is what I came up with.

1) My Computer & Printer- I hand cut titles generated in WordArt.
2) Scissors- both ordinary & tiny nail ones. I like them for the details.
3) Xcut knife, Fiskars self heal mat & metal ruler- for all cutting
4) Guillotine- Very good for taking edges off pictures & squaring up card.
5) Camera- My Konica Minolta Dimage Z1. I couldn’t take photos otherwise to scrap!
6) Cardstock- Lots of 12x12 as it is versatile & can be cut to any size & makes tags, pockets.
7) MM Eyelet setter- Lovely sleek gadget that sets them so quickly. I love eyelets for fastening vellum.
8) Brads- another favourite fastener of my but great for adding flower centres & spots of colour.
9) Script patterned paper & vellum- I find it is so versatile & makes dreamy looking items on LO’s.
10) Buttons- so decorative on there own, in groups & added to other elements such as circles for impact.
11) Circle cutter- I can’t cut free hand to save my life. My Fiskars cutter gives a good range of sizes.
12) Ribbon- I just adore ribbon & it disguises errors & adds colourful accents all over.
13) Stapler- I have two sizes a mini & standard. Perfect for adding an industrial look & attaching ribbon bits.
14) Corner Rounder- I just love rounded edges. I love the neatness of them & how leaving some undone you get fab shapes.
15) Adhesive- glue pens & dots. I have a range of different ones & most certainly couldn’t do without my new E-Z runner!!!
16) Reporters Notebook- just a cheap 150 page spiral bound notepad for all my ideas & sketches.

I can't imagine life without patterned paper now that I use it, (was once too afraid to start or cut the gorgeous stuff) But sometimes it is good to create a design without it so the picture shines out.
I could never make another mini book again if I couldn't use paper, or at least so I thought.......
Check this space tomorrow as it is, Confession Time!!


Maisymary's Findings said...

I dare say if I draw up a list it might be similar to yours , Paula ! lol

unfortunately I have been adding to my stash yet again this week ! scalloped cardstock & some Maya road stuff - tin & board book . I reckon I can get a headstart to my gift giving( even after Christmas ! ) & leisurely create some ahead of time ! lol

Janine said...

Hi Paula, liked reading your list. I found it hard to leave things out, was food for thought. Hey I did Shimmelles challenge too.....

Susan said...

What a lovely way to give people an insight into who you are, Paula! I love the 'confession time' book you did. Thanks for sharing it. Must remember that idea - it would be good to do this for someone close to you as well, wouldn't it? I enjoyed reading your list of 'essentials' too - I finally did mine as well. It was a good little exercise, wasn't it? Have a great week!

scrapdolly said...

Love the list and can't believe I forgot to put my corner rounder on. Darn it!
Love your confessions book too (and my transparency smudges and marks terribly too)