Monday, January 01, 2007

Sunday Blog Prompts.

What has made 2006 for You?
What has made you smile, cry, laugh, reflect & what have you learnt?

I never thought that starting this blog was going to open my world to so many wonderful people.
I started it to put my work on as I was involved in the Weekly Top5 challenges set by the brilliant Paula Sealey.
I had no idea how it would take off.
I became involved with the Daring Cardmakers, & got my card making mojo back.
I got to share my daily life with the designers I admire so much, Jakey & Karen. Karen even designed my banner which for me was fantastic as I have admired this amazing ladies' work for years.
I am "in touch" with Jakey on a near daily basis & this woman rocks!!
Debbie Jewell was another designer I admired & I pop along to her blog weekly (she has moved & doesn't blog a lot right now)

Going back to the wonderful people, there are so many of you out there & you are in my living room everyday like old friends.
There is the talented Carole Janson, the 3D queen. Eleni, my very dear friend, the CD Altering Queen.
Miss Kathy, from the daring cardmakers, who introduced me to all the lovely ladies at the Bumbleberry Cafe. Gillian, from Oz, who I met via the daring cardmakers & Anne in NZ, who made a beautiful card for me to frame later this year (when I can find a suitable one)

The comments left on my blog make me smile. They even make me cry especially when I opened my heart & shared my Christmas Traditions Past.
Then the amazing Rachel, (Taniwha) came into my life & invited me to join the team Scrap Shoppin' girls.
I have to say ladies, you are a really fab bunch & you treat me like you have always known me.
Happy New Year to you, Rachel, Helen, Pauline, Val, Nic, Annie, Naomi & Anne. You girls rock!!!

Being published in Scrapbook Inspirations topped my year as I had never been in print.
I haven't got what it takes to be a designer but it was thrilling to see my work in print as I do love my mini books. I already have orders for more this year!!!!

What have I learnt? I have learnt that there is so much more to learn & a whole world full of amazing people to help me do so. My team mates are very talented as are the lovely ladies on the Lurve Thread over on UKS.
Importantly for me, I have learnt that I can scrap!!!!!!

Last year saw my sister re marry & the wedding was amazing. It was a dream come true for me to stay in a castle. This year is my 40th birthday. They say life begins at 40 & I am still hoping to find the man of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I had to leave my knight at the castle!)

There are many more things I could say regarding work & stuff but none of it is really publishable!!!!!!!!!!
So I will stop there & go get some scrapping done!

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Lythan said...

Ah what a lovely post - and cheers to you to. Here's to a creative and fulfilling 2007!

Gillian Hamilton said...

I don't really weep that easily, but I did.. This is such a gorgeous Post Paula, I didn't weep because it was sad, I love to hear people being thankful, Your an amazing girl!

ps.. I hope you'll give us a little warning about when your B'd is so I can get a card too you..

BondGirl said...

What a heartful blog entry and I am know that you have made a difference in everyones lives. As a daring cardmaker I know we are proud to count you amongst our regulars. Take Care and Happy New Year

Jane said...

oooh what a lovely post!

Happy new year to you too !

jake said...

I love you too Paula! You brighten my day, just as you've brightened my life since knowing you. I'm very proud to have you as my l'il cyber buddy girlie!

So much talent and warmth in one tiny pixie - can it be possible?

jk xx

Ann said...

Happy New Year Paula, what a touching blog entry you have made.

It has been a pleasure journeying down the card dares road with you and like Gillian said...
Give us a hint as to when your birthday is so we can send you a card.
And there is life after