Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Blogger

Ok - So recently, I’ve noticed, 2007 has led to a lot of people re-organising themselves, the hunt for ideal storage and craft room loveliness has been at the fore front of a lot of our minds.. but have we done anything about it?

The sunday blog prompt this week is :Show us your favourite parts of your craft area/room/studio.Or - if you don't have a dedicated area, how do you pack everything away and where do you hide it!?take your camera on a little walk and show us your secrets!!!

Large die cut sheets & card storage. Boxes in cupboard for paints etc.. The large oval brown box houses two more inside & they are currently empty..... waiting for new stash!!!

Mini drawers for eyelets, bows, epoxy stickers etc.

Drawers for more card in A4 size plus shoe box blank cards
chocolate tin for pretties, hearts, mini ribbon slides & teeny bits.
Hat boxes for all the rubber stamps, more card blanks & large wired ribbon reels.
Most of this is in my living room & blends in with the furniture.
The room is in too much of a tip for a full photo, "I'm crafting in here to be close to
the PC & stereo"!!!!


jake said...

HELP!! I daren't show the mess in here! :-D it's a disgrace, and a wonder I ever produce anything, lol... love all your cute boxes though, just wish I was that tidy!

Kathy said...

Looks great Paula - and a whole lot tidier than my craft corner!

lori said...

Love the hat boxes. My craft space is in my bedroom the extras get hidden in my closet. DH often feels like he is getting crowded with supplies. I wight try to take a few pictures later, just reading while I wait for my ride to a crop.


Suzie said...

Looks fab! Love those brown oval boxes - very lush :)

Eleni said...

Very organised ... I'm a bag lady mess!!! LOL!!!!

scrapdolly said...

Very organised

Love the little mini drawers

I will do this one tomorrow

Maisymary's Findings said...

I'm so not showing what's in my creating garden ..........rather jungle ! lol

tfs !