Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hayley

It is my beautician, Hayley's birthday this weekend. I was meant to go for my monthly massage but she is busy celebrating her day with hubby & daughter. She owns the salon & it is a vision of pink prettiness. Hayley's Spa. Naturally I wanted to make her a card as a thank you for all the times I have left her feeling fabulous and as everything is shades of pink, white and cream (the pictures do not do the place justice)I decided a mainly pink colour scheme would be just right. I have used the free Art Journey cover stamp from the latest issue of Craft Stamper (March 2010)to represent girliness. The swirl stamp is also a free cover issue design (Jan 2010) The squares are scraps of inked paper left over from other projects, the dark pink torn vellum gives a strong enough back drop to make each piece stand out.


Paper Paradise said...

Great card, this is one of my favourite freebies from the mag. You have set my mind racing with the comment you left on my blog, so exciting! x

alcoholinky said...

lovely use of the CS cover stamp Paula.

Chris said...

Beautiful card, Paula. Love how the elements stand out against the pink vellum.

joanne wardle said...

it really is the most gorgeous free stamp isn't it? Hayley wil love the card

lam said...

So beautiful, love the simplicity. can´t wait to hear more about your exiciting scrap news

Alette said...

I know my blog went blank this week, something about a script not working. Anyway, it´s working again :)
How strange that you got a photo of a girl looking like my daughter. Maybe it was a secret twin LOL
How are you doing these dayws, hop all is well.


Christiane said...

paula, paula: your art is sooo gorgeous!!

lisa said...

I love this freebie stamp and you've created a stunning card with it. The colours are gorgeous.
Your seaside tag is just beautiful too!!