Thursday, September 07, 2006

No Nearer!!

I can't believe it is now a whole week & I'm no nearer starting the baby boy mini!! I seem to get way laid. First Julie, one of my colleagues was getting married & I had two wedding card requests. Angie, my Line Manager's, birthday saw another requested & my own. I was just completing a mini book for a colleagues' mum's 80th, (which I will be uploading to my flickr site very soon as I am very proud of that one.) Today I had to whip up this card for the Saturday wedding & an ex colleague of mine, Irene, is finally tying the knot in two weeks & I have one to do for that..... Oh well, I have the weekend, or do I?
It is hard to do something for a baby that is so tiny & new there are no photos, nothing. It all has to be made using stickers, ribbon & some fab photo stickers I got from Craftsulove, along with these rather fab bride & grooms.....
The hardest part of this card was the paper insert, convincing the printer to put the wording in the right place on the page & begging the "confetti" to stick with one hand while trying to feed my face with ryvita with the other!! Well it was my lunch....

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