Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hermine's Challenge

Hermine gave us this delightful circles background & challenged us to create an ATC using it.
Here is mine, Lean On Me. Image of Leaning Tower of Pisa from travel brochure, little girl courtesy of Vintage Resources.

I have also been double tagged for the Bumper Card Society Award. I really have no idea who has & who hasn't got this, so basically if you haven't grab the award from my side bar & pass it on.
Another tag was 7 random facts.
1) I adore Goat's Cheese salad.
2) I am short sighted & wear glasses, but not as much as I did before I worked with computers.
3) I can't swim, I'm scared of water.
4) I haven't been abroad since I was 5 years old.
5) I love champagne, almost as much as tea.
6) As a child I hated playing in the snow.
7) I cry at happy or sad endings!


Hermine said...

This is gorgeous. Love the way you made the circles look like clouds. Great image. Thank you for playing.

malieta said...

I think that this card is so cute!!!!

charlotte said...

WOW - gorgeous card! I love it! The leaning tower in Pisa is so beautiful. Wonderful colors!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it a lot! ... and yes, I have seen the new challenge over at Eve's ... scrap your booty! HE HE!! That's too cool!

Megan said...

Hi Paula,

It's been a while since I did my blog've done SIX updates since I last checked!! I love this ATC of yours.

And at least you actually did go abroad when you were 5...I've never been!

Megan xx

valerie said...

paula your atc is stunning

Je@net said...

Wow, your ATC is lovely Paula!!!

Tania said...

This is nice!

Viola said...

Gorgeous work!

Liz Ness said...

Love, love, love this! So AWESOME!

Alexandra Knittel said...

Hello Paula, this is a wonderful ATC, really I love it. Thank you so much for you comments in my blog.

glitterangel said...

Gorgeous ATC, great use of the background.

Rein said...

This is wonderful Paula, love the girl image!