Saturday, September 06, 2008

Baby Card & Time pages

First I'll start this post by showing a card I made some time ago now for a dear blog friend. Congratulations Micayla & Steve on the birth of your sweet daughter, Emily. I know they have got the card now so I can blog it. I made the card using some scraps of Via Airmail SC kit & hand stitched all around before rubbing gently with a pink pad.

Time for Happiness... very hard to pick one photo for this as you probably know HAPPY is my word & I have a minibook taking shape at design stage to depict just what makes this girl happy.
This bag is one of many things. It's not just the bag I love, but the memories it brings when I see it as it was a fabulous day, the day I bought it. My sister, Tracy & I were tipsy after a boozy long lunch & were partners in crime, I got expensive Radley bag, she, Billy shoes then we fell asleep exhausted!!!
Time to trust... I have to have a great deal of trust in myself right now to study hard & learn all that i have to in the next 6 months as it is very important for the next step in my career. My job is going so very well I haven't felt this happy since I worked for my sister 6 years ago. Life is a funny old thing & its odd how things turn out. I would have given anything to keep the life that I had, but it wasn't to be. Now, though I have developed strength & confidence to push for something just as good and.....I'm getting there.

The page was made using ink sponged over some sequin waste. The photo is of my books that I fill every day.


Rein said...

Stunning baby card!

Susan said...

Good to see you and your sister having fun, Paula. Your baby card is gorgeous. I love your idea of filling books with thoughts and pictures every day too!

Kathy said...

oh Paula, what lovely things you've been making lately

I've been so bad at catching up with my fave people and blogs, and it's always such a pleasure and so inspiring to make time to spend browsing.

Hope you are keeping well

jakey said...

Oh Paula... your baby card is so beautiful! Your friends must have been thrilled to bits with it. How special to have something handmade and so lovely for your new baby. Just adorable!

Em said...

The baby card is stunning Paula, love the image and the flowers just finish it off perfectly. The pages are fab too.. lol @ you and your sister.. it's lovely to make a book like that :o)

altered geisha said...

How funny to look at your blog and see my friends name on it!!
I know Micayla and she will certainly be delighted to receive this beautiful card!!
I bet baby Emily will have a lovely collection of cards to look at when she is older...yours really is an heirloom!!

Ronda P. said...

These are so beautiful and I am so happy that you are TRUSTing yourself in this new job. I love that you used sequin waste to create the look. The bag is yummy. Nothing like a new purse and a pair of shoes to make a girl happy!