Monday, 24 November 2008

A Day Off Work....

is sometimes just what a girl needs to get things done!!
I kind of resent cleaning & tidying the flat on a weekend when I've been away from home some 9 hours a day, all the week. I view the weekend as my time for creativity & lazing around watching DVD's. So today, after a quick trip to Iceland, the frozen food store to re-stock the freezer, I cleaned & washed the Kitchen, Dining & Bathroom Vinyl floors. (The fact the kitchen is like an ice rink & I almost went flat on my arse sort of spurred me to clean them!) Then I tidied away my artwork from the shelving ready to house my Christmas cards once they arrive, dusted them all & hoovered right through the flat.
I have my new tree to dress next weekend & presents to wrap. My cards are almost made for my close family & friends & all Secret Santa gifts selected & on their way through the post...
I'd call that a successful day with 3/4's of the "To Do" list crossed off & I even found time to do a little more to my SC minibook from the recent Add On kit Lost River Valley.
I love it when a plan comes together!!!


Marjolein said...

Wow, good for you to clean your house on a day off! I totally know what you mean by resenting doing it in the weekend! I've had the same thing years ago, when I worked fulltime and we both lived in an appartment, finally 2 days off I didn't want to spend them cleaning either!
But it sounds like you had 48 hours in a day, boy... you did a lot!
Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

you are so organized! I still don't have any ideas for christmas cards this year and haven't bought one thing.. nothing!

Micayla said...

My oh my you have been busy Paula.
Time just seems to slip from my fingers of late. I clean up and it needs doing again, I feed Emily then she needs feeding again. I am trying to get my pressies wrapped, cards wrote and make a few crimbo goodies. I never made my crimbo cake, my computer is on the blink I believe again and i cannot believe it is nearly a new year.............time is just flying!!!!
Lets hope you get this comment as I have been struggling on certain blogs for some reason!!
Oh and I have been loving the eye-candy of late, Miss Talented. xx

michele said...

I love days like that! It makes you feel great when you whizz through the "to do" list! Good for you! hugs mx