Thursday, 22 January 2009

Time Minibook Pages

I got these pages completed some time ago but it took forever for me to take the photos. There are another 4 pages to share. We are up to date with the book now after a short break & the 52 weeks are coming to a close. It is a mighty thick book & one I really enjoy looking through.
WK 39 Thanks
WK40 Joy
WK41 Comfort
WK42 Hugs
Very down in the dumps right now. The working week is fraught with computer issues, making the job hard going & several miles of roadworks both ends of the day don't add well to the mix! I was exhausted & slept most of my weekend & plan to do pretty much the same this weekend too. I've had to go by train to work some days & that makes the day very long. I do precious little in the evening, but the lights night will be here soon!!

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joanne wardle said...

great choices of images to go with the words. especially the teddy, awwww.

hope that you get some time for yourself soon