Friday, February 06, 2009


Due to exhaustion & illness, I bowed out of this week's Design Team piece. The team did a splendid job so pop on over to Mojoholder Blog & check out the layout & a sketch.I spent the whole of last weekend in bed. Work is really hard right now. The roadworks are such a pain in the rear. We are late each morning, but worse even later home. 10 hour days feel more like 12 & I have no energy left for anything. The icy roads really haven't helped the situation. I hope this weekend to complete my DT piece for next weeks reveal, but right now my warm bed beckons. At least I have managed to do plenty of reading which is my second favourite hobby!


Micayla said...

Oh sweets, I really feel for you. I have been really lucky and never have had to travel far to work, and i know from Steve how bad it is! Lets hope those roadworks get done soon, it has been ages now. Is there not another way....maybe it would be quicker or at least less stressful!!!
Hoping things pick up soon Paula and just enjoy a few early nights.

lam said...

So sorry to hear your missing energy. Hope you get better farst.

Pearl said...

oh dear ! I dont like the sounds of any icy situation !

The weather situation is just crazy over different parts of the world right now !

Hope you're doing better with each day now , Paula !

Big , warm hugs !

Susan said...

So sorry to hear you have been ill, Paula. I think you should listen to that warm, beckoning bed :)

Take care.