Saturday, 3 October 2009

Travel Project

This is a recent project I made to give away to a friend of mine, Marjolein & it took a while to get decent photos as the camera had flat batteries. The moment they were charged the weather was too bright or too dark, typical really.
The first picture shows the front cover & the tag I made to send with it.
This is page 4 of the 6 page book.

This is page 5.
The other pictures are really not good enough quality to blog. Shame but that's how it goes sometimes. I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend so far. I am having a great time. I had my feet up all afternoon flicking through a magazine & I feel like I have had a more than a day off work.


Eleni Gratsia said...

Beautiful Paula .... what a lucky girl your friend is! :)

Carol Q said...

gorgeous Paula. what a lovely present to receive!

lam said...

beautiful work as always. I love the little tag with paris where I´m going to in week 42 ;O9

Marjolein said...

And I am so very lucky to receive this gorgeous book in the mail!
I totally love it, and feel very special to get something like this from you!

I scanned it, but eventhough you only have 2 pictures up, it looks better than my version!

Again, thanks so much dearest Paula, I am very happy with this!

Pearl said...

so beautiful ! your stamping techniques & colouring look so effortless !lucky friend indeed !

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Such a lovely gift! I love your tag too. Sounds like you had a nice afternoon - something we should all get to do :) I'm hoping for rain today to wash away all the dust we've had lately. And working on a coupe of pages for PaperCraftCentral and making little cards for my Stamp Club members :) Actually I might make them some little favours instead....will post them up if I do!

Micayla said...

Marjolein is such a lucky friend, it is stunning Paula. I totally adore the Kia cat page, the paper combo is just delish!
So much for a early night, it is almost 11.30pm and I am still up searching for jeans!!!!
Thanks for the email, it was so sweet of you, I have replied and thought it would be rude if I didnt post on here about how sweet you are.
Love micayla xx

lisa said...

What a gorgeous gift. You have a very lucky friend.


Anonymous said...

Great project.