Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and got nice things to create with for the new Year. I'm currently staying with my Dad in Immingham. I spent most of Xmas Day in bed poorly, my tummy was really not happy, but it is lovely & warm here at dad's and Im far better today. The snow is thankfully nearly all gone as it caused havoc with travelling on the trains.
I had to get a new mobile phone on Xmas Eve as mine kept going blank on me which proved awkward as I kept getting stranded at the station, trains running up to 40 minutes late & I need to know I can contact work & warn them. My phone is over 5 years old so my new one is quite modern & taken me a day to work out. The good part is I'm now on a contract which will work out far cheaper for me, the phone was free & it has two built in cameras so no excuse for not taking photos when I'm out & about. I am terrible for leaving my camera at home & missing the perfect shots!! I have work to share once I get home & can access the pictures on my own computer.
So for now, I wish you another fabulous day eating festive fayre & playing with your new toys :)


Susan said...

Here's to a lovely week for you Paula! Glad to hear you were warm on Christmas Day and that you have a new phone that is RELIABLE. While you are having late trains (due to the heavy snow?) we are having postal strikes, heat, humidity and rain. It was still a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day for us.

Happy New Year!

Sue Abbott said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have a very nice time and a very Happy New Year. x

lam said...

Merry Christmas to you and I´m glad you got the warm at your dads palce.

Veronica said...

Hi Paula
Glad you have had a warm and happy Christmas - I hope you have a fabulous and creative new year

Vron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx