Saturday, January 09, 2010

Carol's Birthday Card

Well it has been a very difficult week for me trying to get the 32 miles to work everyday & then back again by train with nothing but snow. My days have been very long & cold! I am thrilled its the weekend & now all my chores are done for the day I treated myself to a few hours in front of the telly trying to catch up all I have missed. And of course to recharge my batteries as I am expecting next week to be pretty much more of the same. But at least I can get to work, my sister Tracy has been snowed in her lovely farmhouse since Christmas Day and is beginning to suffer cabin fever!
We had another birthday on the Chrysalis forum last week. I made this for Carol. Scraps of paper from my Studio Calico kits come in hand for cards. Stamp is Serena #2 by Stampsmith.


lisa said...

Your journey sounds like a nightmare,Paula. I hope next week is slightly better.
I love your card, what a gorgeous image.
Keep Warm.


Susan said...

What a fantastic image, Paula. Your cards are beautiful :) Glad you are not snowed in - the news over here is showing us a pretty cold, bleak world where you are...stay warm!

joanne wardle said...

this card is fab Paula

alcoholinky said...

...... it's a beautiful card Paula IRL too.

Sue Abbott said...

It must drain you everyday with all the travelling, even in good weather. Hope it's soon gone now, it's getting a bit boring!

Love the card. The Serena and Ophelia are two of my all time favourite 'Stampsmith' stamps, they are so beautiful. x

Pearl said...

o my ! that's a lot of snow to have been snowed in for Tracy !

So Sorry to hear about the long commutes with snow .

Really hope things warm up soon enough.

Love this stamped image !

Lesley said...

This is such a pretty card Paula.
Lesley x

Karin said...

It's a beautiful card Paula. I love the stamped image.

lam said...

Beautiful card. We got a lot of snow in Denmark too.

Marjolein said...

I had no idea the weather was that bad in England too!
Not nice to get to work if it's like that!
Good thing to relax and be creative, lovely card you've made!

I hope it's better now, with all the snow?

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Fun catching up with you Paula!
Such a pretty card this is!
Lucky ones to receive a "real" card as a birthday gift!
all the best to you!
Happy Winters ;)