Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

I spent the weekend at my Dad's. He was in hospital over night for an op middle of last week so after work on Friday I went straight over to see him. He said he was fine but I thought I'd check for myself! He is actually very well and we spend a few days together.

Meanwhile my sister is busy trying to find a new home as they were recently given two months to vacate the gorgeous farmhouse that they live in. This is the problem faced by us tenants, you can never truly call your home, yours! She has had a few properties to see this weekend & finger's cross they look hopeful. They have the chickens & cats so they can't just move into the middle of town!!
I'm very tired and ready for a break, we are quite busy at work,so I haven't done much creating recently, but plenty of reading. I thought I might have some design team work to show you, but there is a delay with the kits.


joanne wardle said...

brilliant card

Paper Paradise said...

Oh I do feel for your sister, it must be so hard to find somewhere... hope she is now sorted. Glad you dad is well, that is great news. As for the lack of creating, not a prob, it is worth waiting for Paula. x

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Oh that card is wonderful, Paula. I am glad your Dad is recovering from his op. Did you give him this card? It would have cheered him up! Sorry to hear your sister has to move and hope she finds something suitable in good time. Have a great day!

Caroline Moore said...

hope all works out for your dad and sis Paula - very appropriate card for Father's Day :)

Micayla said...

I sure hope your Dad is back to his old self and your Sister has found somewhere now. I agree with what you say about really!!
I have been pretty good of late. I have done 2 layouts this week, 4 in about 3 weeks and some sewing. Been reading gardening books too....blissful!
You must get some time off soon, it sounds like you need a break sweetie.