Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Card & some Work in Progress

First up I have a very quick card for a friend who's birthday is on Tuesday. She doesn't have access to a computer so I know she won't be reading this. I simply stuck down the spotted paper & stamped text over the top before adding ribbon, flower (which is a two part felt one & doesn't show up!) plus a greeting, stamped on a scrap piece of kraft card.

This next piece is something I begun a year ago & then put it away as it wasn't "speaking to me". There are 3 pics of its progess. I am nearly done with it. Just need a final focal image & it can be mounted. I begun with masking tape, stamped images & skeleton leaves.

Next I added a coat of pva glue watered down. I then added alcohol inks in stream & meadow. Once dried it was then painted in places with my fingers using Rangers paint dabbers in shell pink & white. I also added silver embossing around all the edges.

Finally I glued on some real pressed flowers. All it needs is a couple of bits to finish it. Im thinking a focal image of a bird as this is very much a nature themed piece.

You know how it is though. You start a piece & you love it so much the last thing you wish to do is ruin it. I know I will eventually get this done & by blogging today, it might just spur me on to complete it sooner rather than later!!

I had a few days off work, am not well so decided a bit of rest wouldn't hurt. My blood pressure is a tad high & I keep feeling really nauseaous & dizzy. So, I had a follow up appointment booked to see the nurse on Friday, & decided Thursday as well would make a nice long weekend. I have spent my time re doing craft things I have begun & admitting defeat with other pieces & throwing them away. I got the urge to begin again almost straight away & it is going very well. Hope to show you the finished article next weekend, perhaps along with the one above!!
Craft really is the best medicine.


Carol Q said...

I know exactly what you mean about ruining a piece because you love it so much and the next step might go horrendously wrong LOL. glad to hear your weekend is ending on a creative upnote! It's a very dreamy, ethereal looking piece. Look forward to seeing the finished item.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I hope that the couple of days off have worked their magic for you Paula.
LOVE seeing the various stages along the way of this work in progress. Really dreamy fairytale stuff...magical.

(and I can see where the double layer felt is on the flower :0)...fabulous simple card...hope your friend likes it :0)

Audrey said...

Lovely pieces of work Paula - I really like the vintage destressed look!

lam said...

wow what a beautiful piece of art, it´s already perfect, so I do understand why you are afraid to ruining it.
I hope you are feeling better now, I have also had a couple of day off and been on a weekend trip

Carrie said...

love this piece of work Paula - well worth the wait and again lovely to see the process.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I quite agree about creating being restorative!
Love your card and collage ... the skeleton leaf and pressed flowers are a perfect accent.

Take care dear Paula!

Susan said...

Lovely piece and I do hope you are feeling better soon. Take care, and no more throwing things away :)

Pearl said...

wow ! wow ! wow ! your final collage piece is a real masterpiece , hun !!! admirable patience for sure to see it to the fabulous end ! ;)

trust you are keeping well !

Mr Monkey said...

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Micayla said...

Well I hope the rest sorted you out Paula. You really did the right thing taking a break, you have to look after number one sometimes.
The cards are gorgeous. I love the one you started with the masking tape, I just love that stuff.
PS I will email soon.....promise!

Chris said...

Loved seeing your work in progress, Paula. The almost finished piece looks great.

Beautiful card you made for your friend, too.

penny4thoughts said...

I love how this one is turning out, Paula - great effect with the alcohol ink and that pink flower is a great addition! Hope you're feeling better :-)