Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Capturing Time Project Part 1

Blogger would not let me upload all 6 pictures at once!! So I will upload in several parts.
Here is the finished Capturing Time project that I began in 2008. See the post below for links to the very first pages done.

Page 47 Time for Winter
The photo was taken by me using my mobile phone when we had thick snow at the begining of this year. It is our largest local church.

Page 48 Time to IndulgeI believe everyone should have a small indulgence and mine is a full body massage every 6 weeks at Hayley's beauty spa. The picture doesn't show the room clearly.


Susan said...

What a lovely book, Paula. It's a snapshot in time alright :) Love your idea of having a body massage every 6 weeks....

joanne wardle said...

I bet it's really interesting to see how your style has changed as well.

I'm so impressed you've finished it! brilliant work!

Gillian said...

lovely pages Paula!