Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Today is my friend (& colleague) Katie's birthday. Here is just a sweet 'n' simple card I made for her. Tomorrow I am having a day off work to go with her to Meadowhall shopping. I'm hoping to find a new suit jacket!

I have been missing from blog land of late as I have been taking a break from crafting. I have been extremely tired and was not very well so in the evenings & at weekends I have been resting & snuggling under a fleece blanket to read or watch movies.
I have successfully tracked down, bought & installed 1GB of new memory into my home PC so it is now running at 1.5GB & seems so fast now it doesn't seem 5 years ago that I got it. With well over three quarters of its hard drive still empty I figure I have a fair few years more life from it :0)


Paper Paradise said...

I've missed you!!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling much better. Continue resting and enjoy it! x

Karin said...

I bet your friend loved her card. Hope you start to feel better soon. x

joanne wardle said...

lovely simply elegant card

lam said...

I´m so happy to know you are still here, was begining to wonder ;O) besutiful card and the teddybear is just so cute.
There is nothings like snuggling under a fleece blanket and read. I also do that more oftenthis time of the year, especially now when we have got the first snow here in Denmark and that is very early.

Micayla said...

So glad to see you back Paula, but sometimes it good to take a break from blogging and crafting. It gears me up.
Loving the idea of snuggling under a blanket with a good book or film. I have not stopped of late and have more to do so maybe I will take a leaf from your book and take a deserved break.
The card is very pretty and hope you enjoyed your day off.

Tracey said...

Awww good to see you back - was wondering if you were ok, cute card, love the simplicity and clean lines, makes a nice change from all the deeply coloured ones around at the moment , take good care hon xxx