Thursday, 9 June 2011

Crazy few weeks

Yes, I have been very busy this last few weeks. My sister Tracy and husband Martin moved home again on 1st June 2011 (no photo of the new house yet)So Bank Holiday weekend saw me tearing back up to Newcastle to help pack up their stuff. We fitted in a bit of sightseeing as well, and emptied a few bottles of wine & champagne ;0)

I arrived in Newcastle train station at 9.45am on the Friday morning & first stop was Tynemouth. The weather kept fine & we did a walk around the castle.

I took lots of photos and this one sums the place up perfectly, it is the actual mouth of the Tyne. The sea was wild and as it crashed against the walls it boomed like an enormous canon roar! I never managed to capture it though, it looks so tranquil!!!!

After a cappuccino in a gorgeous little coffee shop, we headed further up the coast to Whitley Bay where the weather turned wet, and as the tide was in we were unable to walk to the very magnificent St Mary's Lighthouse. After this we headed further up North to Morpeth where my sister was living at that point.

Now for a bit of craft. Here is a birthday card made for my dear friend Joy, who had a birthday on Wednesday.

And finally (for now) the new Home card I made for my sister. I was fortunate enough to visit the shop RE in Corbridge while over that way (my sister used to live there, gorgeous place)

The shop sold Cavallini Rubber stamp sets & I treated myself to the Butterflies.

Sadly my batteries died in the camera and no more photos were taken after my first day. I was quite annoyed too as they were my hybrio ones & only a few weeks old. They must have been in the shop long before I bought them & flattened quickly.

The card was made by dragging some paint across the card, then overstamping with script, postal marks & the butterfly stamps. Simple but perfect.


Carol Q said...

great photos and lovely cards Paula. I do like the effect of the paint dragged across the card.

Karin said...

Love the dragged paint effect. Great photos Paula.

fatmonica said...

Love the photos.I like the way you've framed the cute Craft Stamper stamp in the card,and the postcard effect card with dragged paint is just gorgeous!