Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nothing I've Made to Show!

Since my printer broke down, I have nothing creative to show! I didn't realise how much I used it for general photo prints & generating text. I have looked around & while a replacement is relatively cheap, the number of cartridges they require are vast. As I found out last time, the two I used to need were over £50 every 3 months, a printer in line with the one I currently have requires 5 cartridges!!!!! I broke out in a sweat just thinking of the cost to fill it.

So, until I return from my holiday in France, I will not be looking to obtain another just yet.

Here instead are photos of the gorgeous Butterfly Clock I purchased in Warkworth, Northumberland back in Easter, when I stayed with my sister.


Left Side

Right Side



My sister came to stay with me two weeks ago. We have a lovely day with our dad, then later that evening an uninsured, drunk driver hit her Audi while it was parked outside my flat. He was arrrested straight away & the only way she could get home was on the back of a recovery truck! We had got together to plan our forthcoming trip to France.

As the company I work for insures her, we got the ball rolling straight away, but the car still has not been repaired. He should appear in court next week, but it won't pay for her damage.

It makes me utterly sick!!!! As an insurer, I see this everyday & these people just seem to keep on getting away with it while the rest of the country has to pay the increased cost.


Carol Q said...

what an absolutely gorgeous clock Paula - no wonder you had to buy it. hope your sis gets her car sorted out soon. I agree with you on the insurance thing. at least now they have their cars taken away and crushed if they're found to be driving whilst uninsured.

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Oh, the clock is beautifully done! I love the translucent insects. They almost look as though they have been put in a flower press. Your poor sister - I do hope things are getting sorted out for her. And that you can find a reasonably priced, good quality printer that won't send you broke. Ahh, Paris! When do you go? Have a marvelous time :) That's certainly something to look forward to.

Karin said...

It a beautiful clock Paula.