Saturday, 8 October 2011

Autumn Has Arrived!

What an awful day it has been today! I don't think it has really been light, it has rained all day. So I quickly got done all the chores I needed to do & after putting fresh clean bedding on and putting up all the winter curtains, I settled down to make some more Christmas Cards :0)

I started on Wednesday and so far I have 25 made!

Now it is getting dark and I have lit all my candles.

Today is Carrie's birthday, but I am not able to share her card with you just yet.

I hope she is having a wonderful day, followed by another one tomorrow because as we all know,

it is the weekend, Whoop!!!

I hope everyone is having a warm weekend, whatever you are up to!!


Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Your new blog format looks great, Paula :) Love the candles picture too. It is warmer for us today so I guess the seasons are changing all over the world right now.

I hope you are well and having lots of crafty times!

lam said...

25 christmas card since wensday that´s a lot. I would love to se some of them here on the blog, because I´m sure they are beautiful as everything else you make. Have a nice Sunday