Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!

First things first, today is my Brother in Law, Martin's birthday! I was poorly, but determind the card would go in the post and I forgot to take a photo of it (oops!) Happy Birthday, Bro!!!xxxx

Hope you like the beer from High House Farm Brewery!

To my blog friends new and old, Happy Creative 2012. May we all find the time in our hectic lives to steal some precious "me" time & create something beautiful. Even if it is just to give to someone else.

This photo was taken by my sister while I was in France in September. It was the highlight of 2011! Fitting picture for toasting my BIL & for New Year, I thought!!

I had not been abroad since I was 5 years old nor had I ever flown, we went by Hovercraft back then. Pretty soon (March) I will be 45 so I'm glad I finally made it back there. It changed me greatly. I came back far more relaxed and very creative. Massive thanks go to our dear Dad for funding more than half the trip & to my darling sister, Tracy for helping me make the brave step.


Carol Q said...

what a lovely relaxed looking pic Paula. I like your blog sidebars too - gorgeous roses. Wishing you a very happy and peaceful 2012!

myriammg said...

happy New Year Paula ! hugs from France !

Anonymous said...

Hapopy new year to you too and may this year bring all the things you wish for. Wishing you lots of hapiness.