Sunday, December 02, 2012

I've Been Gone A While

I had forgotten all about my poor blog!!
Truth be told, as you can see from above, I've been busy creating and time is flying so fast.
I seem to either be at work, on the train going to & from work or in bed sleeping :(
Due to the dark days, I am limited to my creative time and hours to get photos of my work.
The two mask cards were comissioned by my train buddy, Claire.
The top card was for my sister & the bottom card, my workmate Katie's recent birthday.
Talking of trains, they have been running terribly due to localised flooding.
Hence why Im tired a lot!!! I needed some time out.
So, if I've not been to your blog, please do not take it personally.
I get very few hours during the week to myself and so I took a step back. 


Karin said...

Sometimes we need time out! Love yor cards!

Karin said...

YOur cards all look fabulous Paula. It's sometimes time just flies by leaving you lacking the energy to do anything apart from going through the the motions.
Good to see you blogging again.

Chris said...

Great cards, Paula. Those masks look amazing and I love the tree against the coloured background.

Roll on spring!

lisa said...

It's so tiring commuting as well as working, I did it for many years and certainly don't miss it now so I sympathise, Paula and when the weather's bad it's ten times worse. Lets hope that's the last of the wet weather for awhile.
I'm glad to see you've managed some crafty time to help you relax. Don't worry about the blogging, that takes up too much crafty time!!! I've cut mine down as there is so much crafting I want to do.
Take care
Hugs Lisax

lam said...

Paula sometime we need time to rest and get our energi back. Love your cards, so beautiful and elegant.

Buttons said...

Totally understandable hun. Blogging takes up more time than we know (as does crafting) and when the daylight hours are so short 24 hours feels like 12 somehow! Love your cards - well done you for keeping going with everything. Hope you get a break and some 'me time' at Christmas. Hugs, Jenny x

Rein said...

Wonderful cards Paula!