Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Thank You

to my sister & brother in law for my lovely Christmas presents.
I had hoped to share with you a page from my journal but have decided I really hate the
colour.... thank crunchie for Gesso!!!
It really is the defender of all evils!!
Anyway the card above was made to send my thanks
& it was simply done with two memory box dies.
I've had a few days off work & made 4 cards for up
& coming birthdays.
I'm also off work after Tuesday for a week :) & I
have an online class lined up along with some more
craft tidying up & I have also promised myself that I will
make a few Christmas cards in readiness for the festive season.

1 comment:

Carol Q said...

funnily enough when I first hit the page Paula I thought it was a stencil - it would make a great stencil too wouldn't it?!!
Very pretty