Friday, 17 October 2014

Baby Mini Book

WARNING!!!! Photo Heavy!!
One of my colleagues, Krystal recently
gave birth to her son, Jimmy.
I didn't make a welcome baby card, instead
I made this mini book.

The book began life as a 12"x12" sheet of white
cardstock, folded like a maze book but then
pages glued together to make 8 double
spreads. I then primed them all with gesso.
Once dry, coated each page with texture paste,
(my binding ingredient - baby talc)
once this was dry it all got a coat of
clear gesso to seal and then when that was dry
I went in with blue acrylics in baby blue & sea spray.
It took 3 days just to get all that done!
So I busied myself making the watercolour paper stars.
Photos were all taken by Krystal, partner Mark
and various friends/relatives.
I had the pleasure of meeting baby yesterday
even had a cuddle! and Krystal loved
the book so I can now share it!


Carol Q said...

fabulous Paula. I did laugh at the baby eyeing up the copy of Q Magazine. what a wonderful keepsake for Krystal and Mark.

Jenny Marples said...

I am not surprised Krystal was so pleased with this fabulous mini book Paula! Jenny x