Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paper08 - The Smaller Picture

The Paper08 challenge this week is telling us to take a look at the smaller picture. It says we all think we should be looking at the bigger picture. Well I for one don't! I am a person who lives for all the small moments & the happy times because life has dealt me a bag of crap & I've had to learn how to make the best of it. Here is my page. The photo isn't good as it is old & taken with an old 110 camera. But this journal is about me & for me so it doesn't matter if people can't really see the detail. I have half done my Wednesday Stamper project but am waiting on it drying before I can complete the second side. Hope to share tomorrow but its my last day home so will want some quiet time to myself to coplete my packing. I intend to enjoy myself, this has cost me over £200 & I had to spend my xmas present money to be able to go.
Good news today, my team mate Nic gave birth, yesterday, to a beautiful healthy 7lb 2oz daughter, Isabella Jane. Congratulations Nic & Ian. We shall miss her as she can't attend the retreat but has far more precious things to take care of.


Marjolein said...

Nice Paula, like the front with all the squares! The picture looks good, relaxed. I can't read the journaling that well, but that doesn't matter!

Have lots of fun hon, this coming weekend, you deserve it!

Andrea, said...

Great page Paula. If I don't speak to you tomorrow have a good weekend

Lis said...

It looks great Paula :)

Maisymary's Findings said...

Haha I'm sure Spencer Bear wouldnt mind the change of scenery if he goes along for the retreat ! The Arty Girlz Pockt card is just adorable ! Great colours ! Orange is BIG this year in fashion !

You have a more than great time on the retreat this weekend !

I've finished the 2 layout sketches for Tamara in one nite already ! LOL - talk abt raring to go ! thanks for your belief in me ! I wasnt sure I'd much scrappin' this year but it's off to a good start !

hugs !


Je@net said...

Wow Paula, your page is great!! Love the squares and the colors!!
Enjoy your weekend and have a great time!!!

Kristi said...

Great page, Paula! Have an awesome weekend getaway!

EliseBlaha said...

great this.