Friday, January 18, 2008

Paper08 What Next?

Here is my page , late & almost never completed.
I have far too much on right now to be involved in
a project as detailed as I wanted it.
Once I get back from my team retreat after 4th Feb,
I might get back on track. I have had team CJ's to complete,
items to prepare for the retreat itself & of course a full time job to go to everyday.
Paper08, will be a great journal once I get myself into it. I just lack imagination
& aren't putting as much into the pages as I could. As the text says, I do want to learn more craft techniques this year & have fun doing it but right now I have to face & deal with my health issues. Forgetting about them won't make them go away. Tried that!


Lis said...

I love the simple pages you did they are elegant. Sometimes you just have to put somethings on hold and get your life back on track and thats important. Hugs

Kaz said...

these are perfect the way they are, classy and simple, i love them both.

michelle said...

These are great, Paula. I totally forgot to do this one! argh.. hopefully have some time this weekend.. have to work overtime all week!

lauren said...

HOORAY! you are doing paper adventure too! i LOVE your pages...i think one of the best things about this project is that it's just for ourselves and *we* get to KEEP IT!!! so it can be as fancy or as plain as we want and are able to do at the time! plus we have the wholllllle year to make loads of pages...all different kinds! HOORAY!

Je@net said...

Great pages Paula!!