Tuesday, March 11, 2008


.... to all my dear friends in blog land. I have had email problems for a couple of days. My internet provider is having server problems due to the weather. I can sympathise fully with them as my job is completely internet based & reliant on the server working! Last night the internet fell off while cooking my tea & I have only just managed to get back online. Im trying to get round all the blogs I have missed before the net falls again.


Andrea, said...

Hope your internet starts working again soon

the dreamer said...

Hey, Paula! Thanks so much for the well wishes on our Taiwan trip. Taiwan is a blast. =)

Hope your net problems sort out soon. I can totally relate as I have to squeeze in on hubby's laptop at night just to get online.

Hope you're doing well. I love your latest creations and how adorable are those Crafty Individual bird stamps! You can totally be a stamp DT any day as you always show off stamps beautifully. =)

*hugs from Taiwan*

Susan said...

How strange Paula. The same thing was happening to the Internet here in Australia and to friend's blogs in the USA, all at the same time. I joked that the trouble was all due to sunspot activity - maybe there was something like that happening in actual fact!!

I hope it's all working for you again. It seems to be OK here again tonight.

And I enjoyed seeing your new creations. And reading your answers to the 'what if' questions.

Taniwha said...

Paula, we'll have to go off to Tuscany together hun :)

Love the card and you're already getting the use from the stamps which is fab, they're so handy aren't they!