Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bird Inchies

Okay! So blogger is being childish & only letting me upload one picture at once, Hmm!
Here are my inchies for the March swap over on Joannes' blog. they were such fun to make. Come along & join in the fun. Just click on the link in this post for the rules. I used this Crafty Individuals stamp & a made the backgrounds from a few other stamps I have in my collection. The script is CI, the swirls were free with last Months Craft Stamper. My forum friend Carol (Who made the fab jigsaw pieces & gave one to me) has a fabulous ATC box featured in this months magazine using a BIA & my favs Alcohol inks.She has not blogged it yet but there are other things to take a look at until she does. That is unless you already have the mag in your clutches. I put these links on nearly all my posts but I wonder does anyone ever use them or even notice them?

Now for a quiz. Jeri (who made the fab Paris book for me) sent me this. Im not tagging anyone as I don't like them, but if you want a go feel free.

WHAT IFs????????
What if I could meet anyone in the ART world to chat with?
Wouldn’t have to be anyone famous. I loved meeting my team & sharing the love of creating art.
What if I could have one wish granted to benefit all mankind?
Stop violence. This world is becoming a dangerous place to live.
What if I could travel anywhere in the world?
I really want to see a Tuscan Landscape, stay in a rustic cottage on a vineyard in Brittany & visit The Mermaid in Copenhagen.
What if I could live in a period other than present for 24 hours?
I love the 1930’s it always looks exciting in costume dramas.
What if I could make over 3 areas of my body?
I’m done with all that. It has taken me all of my 40 year (nearly 41) to accept the way I look. I hate red hair & freckles & I was given both. I can live with them now. My weight loss had dealt with the other unhappy bits!
What if I could become an animal for 24 hours?
No way, the cruelty to animals is unbelievable.
What if I could bring back someone to life for 24 hours?
Well as over half my family are dead, all of them would be good. But I want to tell my mum how glad I am she had me & how much I have missed her all these years.


michelle said...

love those birds! your card came out great.
I love that you have been able to accept yourself. I think so many women struggle with that, myself included. I'm with you on stopping the violence!

joanne wardle said...

The Inchies are fab paula. absolutely love them! I'm so glad you are taking part in the swap. I don't even have a favourite, they are all perfect!!

Pearl said...

These birdie inchies are just adorable ! fab details on so small an area !

Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Gorgeous Inchies Paula!
I saw the droopy flower from Hero Arts for sale at 'BLADE' - just google to find their website. They are in England and they deliver fast! Good luck with your canvas!

micayla said...

OOOH birdies, I love them!!

aino said...

Lovely inchies.

Kaz said...

the inchies really are fab, all of them!! love them. great stuff, glad you joined in paula. :))